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Working Through a Case

9 Working Through a Case       Let’s try working through an actual case. At this point, you understand what to look for when conducting interviews and reviewing notes, listening with your counseling ear to hear not only what the person says but the meaning behind his or her . . . Read more

Special Circumstances Cases

8 Special Circumstances Cases       All the cases that come before an evaluator are difficult and high-conflict, but some cases bring special circumstances that pose additional dilemmas to the evaluator. Remember: All cases have unique qualities and must be dealt with by the evaluator on their own merits. . . . Read more

Writing the Report

7 Writing the Report     GENERAL GUIDELINES You have collected all the information you need to write your report to the court. You have a complete picture of this family—how it was before the breakup and how it is functioning now. You have identified the child’s primary caregiver. You . . . Read more