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Creation and Incidence of Statehood

(p. 127) 5  Creation and Incidence of Statehood 1.  Introduction As noted in chapter 4, the state is a type of legal person recognized by international law. Yet, since there are other types of legal persons so recognized, the possession of legal personality is not in itself a sufficient mark of statehood. Moreover, the . . . Read more

Subjects of International Law

(p. 115) 4  Subjects of International Law 1.  Introduction1 A subject of international law is an entity possessing international rights and obligations and having the capacity (a) to maintain its rights by bringing international claims;2 and (b) to be responsible for its breaches of obligation by being subjected to such claims.3 This definition, though conventional, . . . Read more


(p. 3) 1  Introduction ‘Then felt I like some watcher in the skies When a new planet swims into his ken…’ Keats1 1.  Development of the Law of Nations The law of nations, now known as (public) international law,2 developed out of the tradition of the late medieval ius gentium.3 Through an influential series of writers— . . . Read more