Lloyd’s News, and the Rise of Lloyd’s Coffee-House

Do. Dorothy China, so far as can at present be gathered from the Accompts received from the Boatswain of the said ship.

No. 14. October 1. News from Rome, Sep. 15; Venice, Sep. 20; Valenza, Sep. 21; Mosco, Aug. 18; Lemberg, Sep. 12; Vienna, Sep. 23; Paris, Oct. 1; Hague, Oct. 5th & 6th; Dublin, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Harwich.

No. 15. October 3. News from Turin, Sep. 25; Peterwaradin, Sep. 20; Strasbourgh, Sep. 27; Mosbach, Oct. 1; Franckfort, Oct. 3; Hague, Oct. 8; Cadiz, Sep. 9; Plimouth, Shields, Yarmouth, Harwich.
Cargo of 12 East-India-Ships.

No. 16. October 6. News from Legorn, Rome, Dresden, Copenhagen, Ghent, Edenburgh, Falmouth, Plimouth, Bristol, Portsmouth, Deal, Shields, Yarmouth, Harwich, Genova, Valenza, Turin, Vienna, Dantzick, Frankfort.

No. 17. October 8. News from Ciprus, Genoa, Rome, Warsaw, Milan, Legorn, Pembrook, Falmouth, Portsmouth, Shields, Yarmouth, Harwich, Deal, Cows.

No. 18. October 10. News from Londonderry, Bay of Moyne near Sligo, Edenburgh, Pembrook, Falmouth, Plimouth, Weymouth, Cowes, Portsmouth, Bristol, Shields, Yarmouth. Letter from Berbadoes containing an account of a ship troubled with Spirits.

No. 19. October 13. News from Milan, Strasburg, Bruxhall, Paris, Ghent, Brussells, Falmouth, Plimouth, Leverpool, Cowes, Portsmouth, Harwich.

No. 20. October 15. News from Ghent, Amsterdam, Rome, Falmouth, Plimouth, Cowes, Portsmouth, Yarmouth, Harwich, Gravesend.

No. 21. October 17. Three letters of the Duke of Savoy to his Allies. Pembrook, Falmouth, Plimouth, Cowes, Deal, Harwich.

No. 22. October 20. News from Kinsale, Traley, Belfast, Falmouth, Plimouth, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Shields, Harwich, Newfoundland.

No. 23. October 22. News from Napoli di Romania, Messina, Mosco, Naples, Rome, Milan, Berlin, Paris, Cadiz, Newfoundland, Falmouth, Weymouth, Plimouth, Bristol, Portsmouth.

No. 24. October 24. News from Cadiz, Falmouth, Plimouth, Bristol, Weymouth, Shields, Yarmouth, Leverpool.

No. 25. October 27. News from Turin, Venice, Vienna, Falmouth, Madrid, Plimouth, Bristol, Portsmouth, Deal, Yarmouth, Harwich.

No. 26. October 29. News from Kinsale, Falmouth, Plimouth, Cowes, Portsmouth, Deal, Leverpool, Harwich.

No. 27. October 31. News from Falmouth, Plimouth, Cowes, Portsmouth, Deal, Yarmouth, Harwich.

No. 28. November 3. News from Smirna, Cadiz, Naples Rome, Lemberg, Legorn, Milan, Turin, Venice, Strasbourg, Copenhagen, Paris, Middleburgh, Portsmouth, Yarmouth, Harwich.

No. 29. November 5. News from Turin, Dantzick, Middleburgh, Philipville, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Guernsie, Falmouth, Shields, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Portsmouth, Harwich.

No. 30. November 7. News from Rome, Basel, Cadiz, Venice, Vienna, Mentz, Falmouth, Plimouth, Portsmouth, Yarmouth, Harwich.

No. 31. November 10. News from Smirna, Genoa, Warsaw, Beilin, Guernsie, Falmouth, Plimouth, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Shields, Yarmouth, Harwich.

No. 32. November 12. News from Constantinople, Ragusa in Dalmatia, Marseilles, Rhinfelt, Pembrook, Falmouth, Plimouth, Dartmouth, Weymouth, Bristol, Yarmouth, Harwich.

No. 33. November 14. News from Madrid, Milan, Dantzick, Paris, Ghent, Amsterdam, Dublin, Leverpool, Dartmouth, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Harwich.

No. 34. November 17. News from Constantinople, Alexandria, Milan, Venice, Turin, Cadiz, Copenhagen, Paris, Namur, Brussels, Amsterdam, Pembrook, Bristol, Portsmouth, Falmouth, Plimouth.

No. 35. November 19. News from Venice, Frankfort, Aeth, Ghent, Middleburgh, Flushing, Falmouth, Plimouth, Cowes, Shields, Yarmouth, Harwich, Deal.

No. 36. November 21. News from Vienna, Rhynfelt, Audinard, Falmouth, Plimouth, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Harwich.

No. 37. November 24. News from Gibralter, Corfu, Warsaw, Turin, Vienna, Milan, Strasburgh, Copenhagen, Liege, Collogne, Hague, Paris, Maestritch, Ghent, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dublin, Plimouth, Cowes, Portsmouth, Harwich.

No. 38. November 26. News from Rome, Venice, Hailbron, Hidelbergh, Aeth, Ipres, Dungarvan, Galloway, Dublin, Falmouth, Plimouth, Bristol, Yarmouth, Portsmouth.

No. 39. November 28. News from Peter-Waradin, Turin, Hermanstadt, Warsaw, Vienna, Strasburgh, Maestricht, Liege, Hague, Falmouth, Plimouth, Shields, Bristol, Cowes, Portsmouth, Deal.

No. 40. December 1. News from Cadiz, Turin, Vienna, Strasburgh, Mentz, Venice, Ratisbone, Paris, Frankfort, Collogne, Hamburgh, Liege, Ghent, Amsterdam, Pembrook, Plimouth, Dartmouth, Yarmouth, Portsmouth, Deal.

No. 41. December 3. News from Cadiz, Pignerol, Vienna, Frankfort, Dinant, Falmouth, Plimouth, Weymouth, Yarmouth, Portsmouth, Deal, Harwich.

No. 42. December 5. News from Baltimore, Killibigs, Galloway, Wexford, Dublin, Shields, Falmouth, Plimouth, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Harwich, Newfoundland.

No. 43. December 8. News from Lisbon, Cadiz, Madrid, Toulon, Milan, Strasburgh, Neustadt, Linburgh, Collogne, Maestricht, Paris, Falmouth, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Portsmouth.

No. 44. December 10. News from Adrianople, Venice, Frankfort, Paris, Ghent, Menim, Brussels, Falmouth, Plimouth, Deal, Yarmouth, Portsmouth, Harwich.

No. 45. December 12. News from Napoli di Romania, Ceuta, Madrid, Genoa, Warsaw, Marseilles, Turin, Venice, Vienna, Dantzick, Ratisbone, Hailbron, Trier, Frankfort, Courtray, Brussels, Hague, Falmouth, Plimouth, Deal.

No. 46. December 15. News from Hermanstadt, Girone, Vienna, Strasburgh, Frankfort, Collogne, Liege, Paris, Brussels, Ghent, Hague, Amsterdam, Pernbrook, Fowy, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Portsmouth.

No. 47. December 17. News from Constantinople, Genoa, Warsaw, Turin, Vienna, Dantzick, Mentz, Collogne, Ghent, Hague, Pembrook, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Portsmouth, Harwich.

No. 48. December 19. News from Cadiz, Corunna, Milan, Audernard, Brussels, Falmouth, Plimouth, Portsmouth, Cowes, Harwich.

No. 49. December 22. News from Naples, Vienna, Hailbron, Namur, Falmouth, Edenburgh, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Cowes, Portsmouth, Weymouth.

No. 50. December 24. News from Smirna, Warsaw, Madrid, Venice, Vienna, Ratisbone, Strasburgh, Hailbron, Maestricht, Paris, Leige, Ostend, Kinsale,

Dundalk, Limerick, Waterford, Baltimore, Dublin, Plimouth, Harwich.

No, 51. December 26. News from Turin, Warsaw, Mentz, Berlin, Frankfort, Wezel, Lisle, Namur, Huy, Falmouth, Plimouth, Portsmouth.

No. 52. December 29. News from Warsaw, Vienna, Strasburgh, Paris, Holstein, Frankfort, Liege, Ghent, Brussels, Hague, Amsterdam, Corunna, Falmouth, Plimouth, Portsmouth, Bristol, Cowes, Deal.

No. 53. December 31. News from Madrid, Warsaw, Rochel, Vienna, Studtgard, Newstadt, Trier, Paris, Frankfort, Collogne, Hague, Kinsale, Cork, Pern-brook, Falmouth, Weymouth, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Dartmouth.


No. 54. January 2. News from Lisbon, Legorn, Turin, Copenhagen, Vienna, Paris, Hailbron, Frankfort, Collogne, Liege, Hague, Skibbereen, Donnoghadee, Cork Harbour, Portsmouth, Plimouth, Bristol, Weymouth, Cowes, Harwich.

No. 55. January 5. News from Smirna, Lisbon, Belgrade, Cadiz, Madrid, Warsaw, Dresden, Paris, Courtray, Brussels, Maestricht, Amsterdam, Falmouth, Plimouth, Cowes, Portsmouth, Deale.

No. 56. January 7. News from Madrid, Vienna, Stockholm, Strasburgh, Mentz, Franckfort, Paris, Collogne, Ostend, Hague, Falmouth, Plimouth, Cowes, Harwich, Portsmouth.

No. 57. January 9. News from Napoli di Romania, Rome, Vienna, Rhynfelt, Hailbron, Middleburgh, Liege, Ghent, Tralee, Waterford, Baltimore, Kinsale, Shields, Falmouth, Plimouth, Liverpool, Cowes, Harwich.

No. 58. January 12. News from Berbadoes, Turin, Vienna, Frankfort, Collogne, Hamburgh, Maestricht, Amsterdam, Falmouth, Plimouth, Portsmouth, Harwich.

No. 59- January 14. News from Milan, Basil, Warsaw, Venice, Paris, Namur, Hamburgh, Londonderry, Kinsale, Cork, Dublin, Dartmouth, Falmouth, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Harwich.

No. 60. January 16. News from Cyprus, Hermanstadt, Basil, Vienna, Trier, Mentz, Ghent, Liege, Amsterdam, Newfoundland, Falmouth, Cowes.

No. 61. January 19. News from Constantinople, Candia, Marseilles, Vienna, Falmouth, Leverpool, Dartmouth, Harwich, Portsmouth, Cadiz, Madrid, Paris.

No. 62. January 21. News from Naples, Cadiz, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, Bern, Strasburgh, Frankfort, Paris, Aeth, Brussels, Hague, Falmouth, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Harwich.

No. 63. January 23. – News from Venice, Vienna, Mentz, Mosell, Ostend, Cork, Kinsale, Killibigs, Dublin, Falmouth, Shields, Plimouth, Bristol, Portsmouth, Yarmouth, Harwich.

No. 64. January 26. News from Edenburgh, Pembrook, Portsmouth, Plimouth, Shields, Deal, Bristol, Cowes, Weymouth, Harwich.

No. 65. January 28. News from Constantinople, Madrid, Milan, Venice, Vienna, Hailbron, Paris, Ghent, Falmouth, Shields, Plimouth, Cowes, Deal, Portsmouth, Harwich.

No. 66. January 30. News from Turin, Genoa, Vienna, Hailbron, Paris, Ghent, Falmouth, Plimouth, Weymouth, Sandbourne, Cowes, Deal, Harwich.

No. 67. February 2. News from Edenburgh, Yarmouth, Falmouth, Plimouth, Harwich, Bristol, Weymouth, Cowes, Portsmouth, Deale.

No. 68. February 4. News from Cadiz, Allicant, Sevil, Milan, Madrid, Chambrey, Vienna, Zurick, Strasburgh, St. Ubes, Copenhagen, Paris, Namur, Ghent, Amsterdam, Killibigs, Kinsale, Youghall, Pembrook, Falmouth, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Portsmouth, Harwich.

No. 69. February 6. News from Warsaw, Rome, Vienna, Hailbron, Frankfort, Hidelburgh, Collogne, Paris, Liege, Hague, Falmouth, Shields, Yarmouth, Bristol, Weymouth.

No. 70. February 9. News from Cadiz, Vienna, Lubeck, Copenhagen, Rhynefelt, Mentz, Collogne, Brussels, Falmouth, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Deale.

No. 71. February 11. News from Tripoli, Ceuta, Rome, Bern, Warsaw, Vienna, Middleburgh, Ratisbone, Strasburgh, Nederstein, Francfort, Paris, Liege, Brussels, Falmouth, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Portsmouth.

No. 72. February 13. News from Vienna, Strasburgh, Stockholm, Hailbron, Coblentz, Paris, Maestricht, Dublin, Falmouth, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Weymouth, Harwich, Portsmouth, Deale.

No. 73. February 16. News from Ragusa, Cadiz, Lisbon, Rome, Vienna, Copenhagen, Strasburgh, St. Sebastian, Collogne, Hambro, Liege, Paris, Amsterdam, Ghent, Brussels, Shields, Harwich.

No. 74. February 18. News from Cadiz, Hailbron, Paris, Cologne, Liege, Hambro, Ghent, Falmouth, Shields, Plimouth, Yarmouth, Harwich, Deale.

No. 75. February 20. News from Vienna, Strasburgh, Hailbron, Copenhagen, Frankfort, Cologne, Liege, Bruges, Amsterdam, Hague, Dartmouth, Shields, Yarmouth, Portsmouth, Deal, Harwich.

No. 76. February 23. News from Cadiz, Legorn, Bilboa, Venice, Vienna, Paris, Ostend, Falmouth, Plimouth, Portsmouth, Shoram.

It will be seen from the above summary of contents, that the “Lloyd’s News” of 1696-97 was a very respectable paper for the period, containing more information, particularly such as would be acceptable to merchants, captains of vessels, and shippers to foreign countries, than the great mass of news-sheets at the time, including the “London.

Gazette.” The size of “Lloyd’s News” was the same as that of the “London Gazette,” about 12 inches long and 7 1/2 inches broad, with printed matter filling 10 1/2 by 5 1/4 inches; and, like the official paper, it consisted of a single leaf of two pages, but issued three times, instead of only twice, every week. All the numbers of “Lloyd’s News” bear the imprint at the end, “Printed for Edward Lloyd, Coffee-man, in Lombard Street,” with frequent notices that the paper is to be had at the coffee-house. That it was chiefly issued for the benefit of the frequenters of the coffee-house, there is some internal evidence in the contents, as also that it became gradually, during its short existence, a medium of communication for merchants, and, what seems highly probable, for underwriters. In number 61, and succeeding numbers, Mr. Edward Lloyd makes the following announcement to his customers and readers of his paper: “All Gentlemen, Merchants, or others, who are desirous to have this News in a whole Sheet of Paper [two leaves instead of one leaf], for to write their own private Concerns in, or other Intelligence for the Countrey, may be supply’d with them, done upon very good Paper, for a Penny a Sheet, at Lloyd’s Coffee-house in Lombard Street.”

That a paper having so fair a prospect of success as “Lloyd’s News,” being superior in most respects to the other periodicals of the time, should come to a premature end after an existence of not quite six months, was due solely to the want of press freedom referred to by Macaulay. Like many of his brother journalists, Mr. Edward Lloyd gave offence to the government, but in a manner so trifling as to be quite ludicrous, and this led to the suppression of the paper. In the number of “Lloyd’s News” marked 76, and bearing date February 23, 1697, there appeared the following paragraph: “Yesterday the Lords passed the Bill to restrain the Wearing of all wrought Silks from India, with this amendment, to Prohibit the Importation of them from all Parts, which they sent to the Commons for their Concurrence. They also received a Petition from the Quakers that they may be freed from all Offices.” This very innocent piece of information about the doings of the House of Lords was, it seems, not relished in high quarters, and before a day had elapsed Mr. Edward Lloyd received a message requiring him to do humble penance for his grievous offence. What follows is quaintly told in No. 138 of the “Protestant Mercury,” a paper under government influence, “printed by J. Dawks in Wardrobe Court in Great Carter Lane,” and dated “from Wednesday, February 24, to Friday, February,26, 1696.” “Whereas,” says the semi-official organ, “in Lloyd’s News, of the 23rd instant, it was inserted, That the House of Lords Received a Petition from the Quakers, that they may be freed from all Offices, which being groundless and a mistake, he was desired to rectifie it in his next: But return’d for Answer, it was added by the Printer, and that he would Print no more at present.” There was something unusually doughty in this refusal of Mr. Lloyd to obey the behests of the government, and to suppress his paper, rather than acknowledge himself in the wrong. It may be, however, that there were other grounds for the voluntary suppression of “Lloyd’s News” than the wounded pride of an able journalist and prosperous “coffee-man.”

The vow of Mr. Edward Lloyd “that he would print no more at present” was kept for no less than thirty years, till 1726, when “Lloyd’s News” was resuscitated, greatly altered and improved as to contents, in the form of the still flourishing “Lloyd’s List,” the oldest existing paper, next to the “London Gazette,” of the present day. The lapse of thirty years, there is reason to believe, was not an absolute void as regards publishing, but only as regards printing, by the proprietor of “Lloyd’s Coffee-house.” Written newspapers were common at the time, and continued to be so for many years, as long as the press and printers suffered from constant persecution, and it would seem that “news-letters” furnishing commercial and shipping intelligence were regularly issued to the frequenters of Mr. Lloyd’s establishment. This was easily accomplished, since the circulation of all papers, even the best known, was very small, while there does not appear to have been any aversion to peruse written instead of printed matter. While “Lloyd’s News” was in existence, an enterprising caterer for the public, Mr. Ichabod Dawks, brought out a “newsletter” printed in type, in imitation of handwriting, which met with good success. In the first number, dated August 4, 1696, the public were informed that “this letter will be done upon good writing paper, and blank space left that any gentleman may write his own private business,” Mr. Dawks adding modestly that his paper “does undoubtedly exceed the best of the written news, contains double the quantity, is read with more ease and pleasure, and will be useful to improve the younger sort in writing a curious hand.” As before stated, Mr. Edward Lloyd had before the stoppage of his publication given his customers the option of purchasing it on writing paper, “for to write their own private concerns in,” and the transition therefore was not very great from the printed news to the written news-letter.

The progress of the coffee-house at the corner of Lombard Street and Abchurch Lane as a place of resort for merchants and shippers, was very marked in the next dozen years after the establishment of “Lloyd’s News.” The place was evidently well known at the end of the seventeenth century, for it is referred to frequently in contemporary notices, and its celebrity at this period is attested in a poem entitled “The Wealthy Shopkeeper,” published in the year 1700, which has the lines:

“Now to Lloyd’s coffee-house; he never fails To read the letters and attend the sales.”

The “sales,” for some time, were of the most miscellaneous character, embracing all kinds of goods mentioned in advertisements in the public papers. These advertisements show that besides being an auction-room, business of a varied character was transacted within the precincts of Lloyd’s coffee-house. In the “Protestant Mercury” No. 241, “from Friday, February 18, to Wednesday, February 23, 1698,” appears the following announcement: “At Lloyd’s Coffee-House in Lombard-street, near the General Post-Office, will be Sold by Auction, or who bids most, a Catalogue of Choice English Books, &c., on Wednesday 23rd February. Catalogues to be had at Mr. Parker’s under the Piazza’s at the Royal Exchange, and at the place of Sale.” The “London Gazette,” number 3693, from Monday, March 31, to Thursday, April 3, 1701, has this advertisement: “The Owners, Masters, and others, concerned in the Transport Debts for the Years 1693 and 1697, are desired to meet at Lloyd’s Coffee-House in Lombard-street, on Wednesday next, the 12th Instant, at 3 in the afternoon.” In the “Postman,” number 933, dated “Tuesday February 17 to Thursday February 19 1702,” is the following announcement on the same subject: “On Monday the 25 instant some concerned in the Transport Debts, design to meet at Loyds Coffeehouse about 3 a Clock Afternoon, and desire as many others of the concerned therein, as can be there at the same time to consult thereabout.”

The following advertisement, from the “Postman,” number 1069, dating “Thursday December 31, 1702 to Saturday January 2, 1703,” is of a different kind from the foregoing. “A Negro Maid aged about 16 years, named Bess, having on a stript stuff Wastcoat and Peticoat, is much pick’t with the Small Pox, and hath lost a piece of her Left Ear, speaks English well, ran away from her Master, Captain Benj. Quelch, on Tuesday the 8th of December. If any persons secure the said Negro, and delivereth her to Mr. Lloyd, at his Coffee House in Lombard street, shall receive a Guinea reward and reasonable charge.” Another number of the “Postman,” marked 1134, “from Tuesday June 1 to Thursday June 3, 1703,” has the following announcement: “At Lloyd’s Coffee-house in Lombard-street, next Friday, will be sold 53 Hogsheads of extraordinary neat Red French Wines, at 3 o’Clock precisely, and are to be seen until the time of Sale, in Shippeys Yard by Meads Coffee-house in the Minories.”

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