Entry Points, Points of Engagement, and Supporting Elements

Figure 19. Your Ecosystem’s entry points.


As an aside, it’s worth noting that Google has over 240 million law-related searches per month and that people are very likely to start their law-related searches at Google, finding these other entry points (including the paid directories in the “Other” category) through a Google search, as illustrated in Figure 20, below. The significance of this will be more evident as you continue in this book.

Figure 20. Google as the primary traffic source to your Ecosystem’s entry points.

Entry points are very important because in lead generation, your website needs to have people accessing it who need legal help. Getting the most traffic through your entry points is commonly referred to as “online visibility.” The more visible you are, especially in Google, the more likely people will enter your website.

Some entry points are high-volume and critical pathways, again, primarily Google, and others are probably best left low on your “to do” list, to get to when other more important development is underway. Let’s discuss some of these low-traffic, low-value entry points.

Points of Engagement

Unlike entry points, a point of engagement is a platform where someone can make direct contact with you and where you can speak directly to people who have chosen to connect with you. Points of engagement include your website of course, your mobile website, social media, and Yelp.

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