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9 Note 8.

10 We explain carry over agreements in more detail in ch 17.

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12 Note 8.

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16 The term best endeavours has received a great amount of consideration by the English courts and the starting point is that the phrase ‘means what the words say; they do not mean second-best endeavours’ (Sheffield District Railway Co v Great Central Railway Co (1911) 27 TLR 451).

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24 The provisions of the contract are key. Any condition precedent clauses regarding notification of claims must be complied with and any contractual restrictions on global claims would impact on a party’s ability to make a global claim.

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26 The risk for an expert relying on such data is that it may have been accumulated over many years from projects of which the expert has no first-hand knowledge.

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37 The Court of Appeal applied the principle as found in Mackay v Dick & Stevenson (n 27).

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