Article 24 CISG

For the purposes of this Part of the Convention, an offer, declaration of acceptance or any other indication of intention ‘reaches’ the addressee when it is made orally to him or delivered by any other means to him personally, to his place of business or mailing address or, if he does not have a place of business or mailing address, to his habitual residence.

I.  Overview

A.  Content and Purpose of Article 24 CISG

Article 24 CISG defines, for the purposes of Part II of the CISG on the formation of contracts, when a communication ‘reaches’ the other party. Since Article 24 CISG is to be understood as the expression of a principle, it must also—in light of Article 7(2) CISG—apply to those declarations in Part III that are expressly required to reach the addressee, despite only referring to Part II of the CISG.


Q 24-1

List all the provisions relevant for a communication ‘reaching’ a party?

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