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A Public Action Approach to Knowledge and Intervention to Meet the Climate Challenge

Fig. 11.1 People march during a rally against climate change. Manhattan, New York 21 September 2014 [Reuters]. http://​www.​euractiv.​com/​sections/​energy/​300-000-march-against-climate-change-new-york-308605#comment-1 Throughout her book This changes everything: capitalism vs the climate, Klein (2014) espouses social movements as a countervailing power and the glimmer of light for meeting climate change and other global challenges. Thus, . . . Read more

Institutionalising Lived Experience in the Public Policy Process

Fig. 10.1 The policy cycle (ROAMEF) of the UK government Treasury As noted above, evidence is required for each of these stages. Hallsworth et al. (Ibid.), however, provide a critique of this rationalist approach to policy, concluding: In this ‘ROAMEF’ cycle, each stage follows on rationally from the previous one, so . . . Read more

Lived Experience, Science and a Social Imagination

Fig. 8.1 First page of a flip-chart presentation from a group of NGO practitioners in Uganda who have been deliberating about lived experience and climate change 8.2 To What Extent Is It Desirable to Expand the Boundaries of Our Lived Experiences Beyond Prevailing Social Norms of Attention? The main reason for . . . Read more

Lived Experience and Engagement on Climate Change

Fig. 7.1 The frustration of communicating climate change to the public. (Cartoon by Jon Kudelka. Source http://​www.​smithsonianmag.​com/​science-nature/​talking-about-climate-change-how-weve-failed-and-how-we-can-fix-it-180951070/​?​no-ist.) Thus in Moser and Dilling’s edited collection that draws from the United States experience, we find a concerted attempt to move beyond simply attempting to disseminate information and knowledge in traditional ways (Dilling and . . . Read more

Exploring the Lived Experience of Climate Change

Fig. 2.1 Multi-model ensemble mean of projected changes in December, January and February (DJF) and June, July and August (JJA) surface air temperature for the period 2016–2035 relative to 1986–2005 under RCP4.5 scenario (left panels). RCP4.5 refers to representative concentration pathway 4.5, one of four greenhouse gas atmospheric concentration trajectories that . . . Read more

Lived Experience and Discourses of Mitigation, Adaptation

Fig. 6.1 Pink Campion (Silene dioica) in flower 19 December 2014 after an unseasonally mild autumn and early winter in the United Kingdom. This plant grows wild in several locations, including by the side of the road in many rural areas, as photographed here. It is found throughout northern and central . . . Read more

Lived Experience and the Advocates of Local Knowledge

Fig. 5.1 Resurrection of indigenous knowledge in Jaipur, India. This channels system reflects ancient knowledge of water conservation. The channels bring rainwater from the surrounding hills to Jaigarh Fort which was built circa fifteenth to eighteenth centuries. There they fill three underground tanks, capable of storing almost 30 million litres of . . . Read more